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1. What kind of cases can be filed in consumer commission (forum)?

The disputes that can be taken to a consumer council include: Defective products or deficient services, Unfair trade practices, Overcharging or unfair pricing, Deficiency in after-sales service, Non-compliance with product/service warranties or guarantees, Unresolved consumer complaints

2. Can we go to Consumer commission against medical negligence?

Yes, If a patient has experienced medical negligence or malpractice, they can approach a consumer council to seek compensation or resolution

3. Airlines dispute – Can consumer approach consumer commission?

Yes, If a passenger has faced issues such as flight delays, cancellations, denied boarding, lost or damaged baggage, or any other grievances related to air travel, they can approach a consumer council for resolution. There is an alternative way also for resolution and inexpensive.

4. Railway or Bus journey issues…

Yes, Consumers can file complaints with consumer councils if they have faced issues with rail or bus services, such as ticketing problems, train delays, improper passenger amenities, unclean or unsafe conditions, overcharging, or any other related concerns.

5. Online shopping or direct selling – where to approach for solving problem?

Yes, Consumer commission

6. Banking frauds, money stolen from account – can an account holder approach Consumer redressal commission?


There are several cases such as defective goods, damaged, dangerous, contaminated, wrong specification, wrong quality/colour, mis representation, missed timelines – In all these cases a customer can approach consumer protection through commission. Certain times even Real estate problems also can be resolved through district forum or consumer dispute redressal commission.

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