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About Us

Simplicity | Scalability | Reliability | Availability


We provide best legal services

CounselGrid is a comprehensive platform for legal services. It offers cutting-edge technology solutions that connect lawyers nationwide and enables clients to access services in multiple languages from diverse locations. Using a multi-tenant model, it equips lawyers with tailored technology tools. Moreover, CounselGrid actively collaborates with global legal organizations to facilitate pro bono work, reinforcing its commitment to universal legal access.


Why Choose Us

CounselGrid is your premier destination for expert legal services. With a profound understanding of both law and technology, our team offers tailored answers to your legal queries. We bridge the gap between traditional legal expertise and modern advancements, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and efficient guidance. Our online platform simplifies the process, delivering prompt and personalized legal solutions. Trust CounselGrid to navigate the complexities of the legal landscape, providing you with the best answers and peace of mind.

In addition we used advanced technology such as machine learning (MI), Artificial intelligence (AI) at work which helps in speedy resolution and accurate outcome


Why you should follow a legal process?

We at CounselGrid follow legal process for accurate and complete remedy to problem, protect our general safety, and ensure our rights as citizens against abuses by other people, by organisations, and by the government itself.

Legal process only can show a remedy that would be final and capable of bringing opponents to comply pronounced verdict by enforcing through legal machinery.


How we can help you in the legal journey?

Indian law is too much detailed and robust to help citizens best. It needs expert help and interpretation and we are for that.

Big legal data needs an alternative way than manual research and drawing valuable insights. We use technology in addition to our subject matter expertise.

We can advise, propose legal remedies, help you in process and assist you to win. Hence, we can make our clients successful.

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